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"Building a Solidarity Economy"

Presented by the Society for Black Urban Planners (SBUP)


What is a Solidarity Economy? It is an economy that embodies the values of economic and social justice, diversity, cooperation, self-management, and ecological sustainability. The Solidarity Economy is a global movement to build a just and sustainable economy where we prioritize people and the planet over endless profit and growth. Join the Society of Black Urban Planners for a roundtable discussion on solidarity economies and its potential in “reshaping the normal.” The goal of the discussion is to derive strategies for building more just, democratic, and resilient communities while navigating preexisting systemic issues and the COVID 19 pandemic. Our invited panelists will share values, strategies, and experiences that align within the emerging Solidarity Economy movement.

Featuring Panelists:

  • Asiaha Butler, Resident Association of Greater Englewood (RAGE)

  • Renee Hatcher, Community Enterprise and Solidarity Economy Law Clinic

  • Gené Moreno, Turner Group Consulting (TGC) & Chicago Rehab

  • Nneka Onwuzurike, 929 Consulting Group 

Moderated by Chelsa Moore, MUPP '22, and Malik James, MUPP '23


A recording of the panel is below.