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"Improving the Built Environment, Improving the Health of People"

Presented by the Urban Planning & Policy Student Association (UPPSA)


UPPSA presents a panel whose multidisciplinary approach and expertise on the built environment is set to explore emerging new responsibilities planners and urbanists have in the public health domain. The intersections in planning and public health are especially pressing in the wake of Covid-19, and in the roles we must take to promote not only equitable and thriving communities, but healthy ones as well. Our panelists will bring historical insights and knowledge to guide how the lessons of the past can continue to inform how cities can be shaped for longevity and people’s well-being.

Featuring Panelists:

  • Julia Gerasimenko, Active Transportation Alliance

  • Stephanie Phillips, AICP, City of San Antonio

  • Lindsey Realmuto, MPH, Graduate Research Assistant, PhD Student, UPP, University of Illinois - Chicago

  • Kyle Shelton, University of Minnesota Center for Transportation

Moderated by Henry Siegel, MUPP/MPH '22


A recording of the panel is below.,