Courtney Kashima , AICP

MUPP 2004

Muse Community + Design



Can you describe your work and how your planning degree contributes to it?


My primary focus is creative community engagement although I also get involved in land use planning and zoning (particularly when it relates to transportation projects). I have two planning degrees- the MUPP from UIC and a BAUP from UIUC. Both experiences prepared me well for the multi-faceted field that is planning by exposing me to the importance of context. The skills I found most useful were public speaking, writing, development finance, learning the Adobe Creative Suite, and GIS.


What do you like most about your current job or related work in planning?


I opened my own firm in the fall of 2014. It's very satisfying to work hard but work hard for yourself. I like the flexibility and the ability to pursue projects that are challenging and interesting.


What advice do you wish you had gotten as a MUPP or, conversely, what advice would you give to young planners today?


If you don't see a clear path for yourself, create it!