Workshop: Identity, Power and Oppression in Planning

Join UPPSA and LPODER to learn about the work of the Chicago Freedom School and how we can apply the lessons of what they teach to our urban planning program and profession. This session will be broken into two parts:

  • 1 to 1:30 p.m. Chicago Freedom School info session (open to all UPP students)

  • 1:30 to 5 p.m. Identity, Power and Oppression Workshop (available to the first 25 registrants*)


The Identity, Power and Oppression Workshop, taught and led by the Chicago Freedom School, will be on Friday, Nov. 11 from 1:00PM to 5:00PM in CUPPA Room 110. Register at

*If you are not one of the first 25 people to register for the workshop but would like to attend, please email and we will work it out with the organizer. Please be advised that if you register for this workshop, we ask that you commit to attending for the entire length (1-5pm) of the workshop. 

The workshop will offer urban planning students a space to strengthen dialogue on race, structural, and identity understandings in the urban planning practice. These trainings are typically sold-out and cost around $40 per person; the chance to host this workshop, free of cost to CUPPA students, is an important opportunity. Registration may be capped at 25 people, depending on the response.


Participants will reflect on their own identity and how their identities intersect with systems of power and oppression. Together, participants will develop practices to name, interrupt and transform oppression in communities, the university, workplaces, and day-to-day interactions.

CFS facilitates workshops using an approach called "popular education." This means that participants engage each other as co-learners to critically analyze issues from the perspective of their lived experiences and work collectively on strategies for change.

Light refreshments will be included. Sponsored by the Department of Urban Planning & Policy through the Group Educational Experience Award.