Past UPPSA Board Representatives


UPPSA takes planning school beyond the classroom.  
We provide opportunities for professional, academic, social, and philanthropic events, and serve as a vehicle for student input into the MUPP program administration.  In a planning program that's one of the largest in the nation, UPPSA helps students connect, interact, and engage. We're always looking for new opportunities, events, and volunteers -- contact us anytime!

Past UPPSA Board Representatives: 

Kyle Terry

Hometown: Eureka, California
Concentration: Spatial Planning and Urban Design, Economic Development
Hobbies: Canoeing, gardening, photography, sports, any form of exercise minus cardio

Kyle grew up in small-town northern California. He realized his love for urban planning while studying abroad in Buenos Aires, Argentina where he fell in love with public transportation efficiency, neighborhoods, and trying to figure out how to develop a cleaner city. His interests in urban planning are corridor development, urban design, and how sports stadia and other large anchor institutions interact with cities and citizens, and vice versa.

Matthew Stegeman

Hometown: Springfield, Illinois
Concentration: Transportation
Interests: Swimming, rowing, running...and exploring!

Matt grew up in Illinois, but "the other kind."  He's always been fascinated by transportation and transit systems of all types, so he wanted to study planning in a city that has a bunch of them.  He's most interested in project finance, transportation demand management, and all that bike/ped stuff.  He's currently interning at CMAP and living in Logan Square.

Melissa Schramm
APA Representative

Hometown: Baltimore, Maryland
Concentration: Transportation
Hobbies: Reading, listening to jazz and blues, drinking wine, doing new things

Melissa moved to Chicago in January 2013 from NYC just in time for the polar vortex!  The planning program at UIC was a major draw, as was living in a new place.  Melissa previously spent six years in New York and 2 years in London working in Financial Services, but felt the need for a change.  Her planning interests currently revolve around process improvement and efficiency creation, understanding transportation performance measures and metrics, as well as public finance. 

Brian Dyer
Chief Activities Officer

Hometown: Austin, Texas
Concentration: Economic development
Hobbies: Music, exploring neighborhoods, and raising kids

Brian grew up in Austin, TX. Following high school he pursued a career in music for 10 years. He first became in interested in urban planning while on a tour to the east coast that took him through NYC; during that time he was fortunate to be reading Jane Jacob’s book, “the Death and Life of Great American Cities.” After years of touring he decided that it was time for a life change. In 2007 he moved to Chicago and attended Truman City College for two years and then transferred to Loyola University where he attained his bachelor’s degree in economics.  He hopes to work for an economic development corporation in the region after graduating in the spring.

Bailey Muller
Philanthropy Coordinator

Hometown: Vernon Hills, IL
Concentration: Environmental Planning and Policy
Hobbies: Traveling, baking, and competitive kickball

Bailey grew up in the northern suburbs of Chicago, but after going to undergrad in Texas, she has been a traveling fanatic. After having the opportunity to study abroad in Costa Rica, Ecuador, and Australia, Intern in Taiwan, as well as backpack through Europe, she knew exactly what fueled her passion for seeing the world- studying planning! Her interests in urban planning include environmental planning and sustainability and she hopes to work in a city or organization that helps make cities across the country greener, safer, and overall happier communities. 

Sidney Kenyon
Vice President

Hometown: Oak Park, Illinois
Concentration: Economic Development and Urban Transportation
Hobbies: Film, Football, Rugby, most other sports, Exercise, and Sim Ci

Sid has resided in the big city his entire life, having realized his calling for urban planning at a young age.  He has spent much of his education learning to understand why the City as we know it has taken on its spatial form.  He has also been fascinated by how city governments solve the ever-pressing problem of how to transport individuals and cargo from one place to another.  Sid's interests in urban planning are logistics, corridor development, transit market development, design, development finance, and economic policy.

Jose Requena

Hometown: Chicago, Illinois
Concentration: Economic Development
Hobbies: Reading, running, kayaking, and binge watching good TV shows

Jose grew up on the South side of Chicago in various neighborhoods. With the English degree he received from UIC he decided to be an ESL teacher in South Korea for four years. Living in Seoul left a great impression on him about how quick development, efficient transportation, and regional planning of urban spaces were possible. Returning back home to join the MUPP program has been an increasingly rewarding decision and he wishes other students to get as much out of the program as well.

Madeline Grennan
Alumni Relations Officer

Hometown: McPherson, Kansas
Concentration: International Planning/Economic Development
Hobbies: Reading, movies & TV, long walks through new neighborhoods, pub trivia, DIY & design

Madeline hails from the plains of Kansas. She moved to Chicago to attend Northwestern and hasn't left! Her interest in urban planning grew out of a series of jobs in transportation, planning and policy, including her current position as Executive Assistant at the Metropolitan Planning Council. Urban planning allows Madeline to pursue a broad range of interests, including international planning and development, and think about how complex systems interact to shape our cities and communities. In particular, she's interested in urbanization and informal communities in emerging economies.

Rodolfo Moreno
Chief Marketing Officer

Hometown: Elmwood Park, IL 
Concentration: Environmental Planning and Policy
Hobbies: Listening to all types of music, piano playing, drawing, visual arts, making stuff 

Rudy’s studies have been diverse and have included music, architecture, environmental science and urban planning. He found his excitement for the planning field in a sustainable planning seminar class where he learned that sustainable planning requires the ability to understand the ecological connections and tradeoffs of various elements including site and building design. Stemming from this, his interest in urban planning is a multidisciplinary approach in creating livable, healthy, and vibrant cities and towns.

Sydney Blankers
Symposium Coordinator

Hometown: Belmont, California
Concentration: Environmental Planning and Policy
Hobbies: Running, reading, Chicago restaurants and breweries, my crested gecko

Sydney has always been passionate about the environment. She studied Natural Resources and Biology in college and worked as a reporter for a biotechnology publication in Chicago for three years before starting the MUPP program. She is particularly interested in how resources like water, energy, and waste flow through urban systems, and in what ways planning and policy can be used to mitigate the burden cities and other human systems place on the environmental systems that support them.